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I am a multimedia producer passionate about creating impactful and immersive visual content.

With a solid background in Multimedia Production and specialization in video creation, I primarily focus on the gaming industry. With practical experience and in-depth knowledge of industry-leading software such as Adobe Premiere, After Effects, and Unreal Engine, I am equipped to transform concepts into engaging and exciting visual experiences. Throughout my career, I have developed a creative and technical approach to storytelling, excelling in the production of trailers, gameplay videos, tutorials, and promotional content.

I continuously seek challenges that allow me to expand my skill set and contribute to innovative projects in the exciting field of electronic gaming.

Key Skills:

  • Video Production

  • Video Editing (Adobe Premiere, After Effects)

  • 2D/3D Animation

  • Character Modeling and Animation (Unreal Engine)

  • Visual Storytelling

  • Sound Design and Visual Effects

  • Team Collaboration

  • Multimedia Project Management

Let's Work! 

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